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About Us

Hi, I’m Michael

I come from Hull in the North of England. After leaving school, I joined the British Army when I was 17, and after tours in Northern Ireland, Germany, and the Falkland Islands, I was posted to Hong Kong at the end of the 1980s.

When my tour of duty in Hong Kong was coming to an end, I decided that I was not yet ready to leave this unique city, and I started a new job that took me to the Handover of Sovereignty, from the UK to China, on 1 July 1997. My intention was to re-join the army, but the pull of Hong Kong was too strong, and I’ve been here ever since, working in areas as diverse as project management, security and stadium management, and finally in a financial role with a logistics company from 2007-2017.

Throughout my time in Hong Kong, I have been heavily involved with amateur football (soccer) as a player, manager, and administrator. I live on one of Hong Kong’s “green lungs,” the island of Lantau (10 minutes away from the Tian Tan Buddha), with my wife and my two daughters aged 17 and 14.


I have seen Hong Kong through the eyes of a soldier, a businessman, a father, and a sportsman; I have seen the 1997 Handover, two financial crises, bird flu, and SARS. I am well placed to give you a unique insight into life in Hong Kong, taking in the greatest sights and sounds Hong Kong has to offer.

I arrange and lead bespoke day and night tours around the dynamic metropolis centred on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, as well as tours of my beloved Lantau, which can include the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, the Tian Tan Buddha, and Tai O fishing village. I can lead several hikes on Lantau Island as well as the Dragon’s Back on Hong Kong Island, and all tours can include food, from dim sum, noodles, local roast meats, egg tarts, and classic Cantonese dinner dishes to seafood and vegetarian dishes, all with a local twist, and if you simply yearn for McDonald’s, an Indian curry, fish and chips, or a sandwich, just let me know and I’ll fit it in effortlessly as we tour together.

I do not employ people to lead tours on my behalf; when you book a tour with me, I will be your personal guide, in all my (some say faded) glory. I do not require any deposit and can take bookings at short notice if my calendar allows. Email, call, or fill in my contact form for more details or simply complete my booking form to reserve your tour.

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