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Please use my contact form above or email me at the address below.  if you are ready to book, fill in my booking form on the right AND i WILL REPLY within 24 hours

If you want to tour Hong Kong I would be delighted to hear from you! You can email me at the following email address.


If you are having issues with my forms then use this email address if you have any questions.

You can also reach me by phone/whatsapp on (+852) - 61132043 although please note it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to answer the phone when I am with other clients, also note that I cannot answer emails or messages when I am with them, my focus is on the tour and this will be the same for you.

I will always reply within 24 hours


Simply fill out the BOOKING form on the right to confirm your booking.

·        link to my price list / terms page to verify the cost

·        Please note that bookings are subject to my availability and are on a first come first served basis;

·        I may still be available even on days where I have an existing tour (i.e., On TOUR) depending on your timing and the number of hours for the tour.

·        Please ensure you give a correct, valid email address when filling in this form otherwise I have no way to contact you and confirm the tour.

·        Please note that I do not require a deposit in advance prior to you arriving in Hong Kong, we can settle the balance on the day of the tour in cash either US$ or HK$ equivalent at the rate of HK$7.8 = US$1

·        I can also accept payment by Mastercard or Visa credit cards if you prefer this option.

·        Once the form is complete simply press submit! - there is no auto confirmation that the form has been sent but please assume I have received it and I will confirm everything as soon as I can ( see below) and thank you for the booking!

I will always CONFIRM the tour in detail by email


I do take last minute tour bookings - subject to my availability

I will confirm my availability as soon as possible

Please note I do NOT arrange flights, hotels, airport transfers, bus tours etc

Booking Form

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Your Name
Helps me for planning purposes!
Please do let me know the name of the town or city you are from, I find any information about where you are from to be very useful!
This is for my own interest and research
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Preferred date for your tour - USA date format
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Please note I only do 3 hour evening tours.
For groups over 6 people, we will make specific arrangements by email.
Note kids in full time education are FREE OF CHARGE
Remember, kids in full time education are free of chargeare free of charge!
I'll need this so I know where to pick you up on the day of your tour, Hotel Lobby or mutually agreed place
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Most people are happy to let me do the tour based on my knowledge but I am more than happy to fit in your special requests, you decide
If there is a particular place you want to visit or something you want to do then let me know
A lot of people travelling in Asia get Templed out - we have one must see place in Hong Kong which is not what you think and for me a must visit place
How long will you be in Hong Kong on this visit?
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Meal Option
*Kowloon Cricket Club is one of the famous exclusive private clubs in Hong Kong that are a legacy of Colonial British Rule and as a member I'd be delighted to have you as my guests to enjoy a delicious, very reasonably priced meal in surroundings unrivaled anywhere in Hong Kong - a cricket pitch in the middle of the high rise city.
Physical Condition
What payment option do you prefer? *
f cash, you can pay in US$ or HK$ on the day of the tour, I do NOT require a deposit - for credit card payment by Visa or Mastercard I will send secure instructions - this method requires payment in full 7 working days before the tour
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