Hong Kong Day Tour

I have lived in Hong Kong for almost thirty years and have never stopped being amazed by its attractions.  All of our tours together will be conducted on the best public transport in the world: the MTR (metro/underground), ferry, tram, bus, funicular railway and taxi services will take us to experience a broad range of sights and sounds including viewing spots, places of worship, buildings of historical interest and markets, all described from a unique perspective from a long-term local resident. 


Hong Kong is incredible at night when it has an even greater buzz about it.  My Night Tour is flexible on timing and we can take in some fabulous views, ride and sail on public transport, see a world class light show over the Fragrant Harbour and visit a night market that has a bit of everything: knick-knacks and clothing for sale, neon lights, a huge variety of street food and great people watching. For those that want to sample the party scene or grab a bite to eat at a late night restaurant, this can be arranged, just let me know.


My tours are the perfect excursion for single people, couples, families and small groups on Cruise Ships and work a treat for those who are in Hong Kong for less than 24 hours!...We can do a day tour, night tour or Lantau tour and, for the adventurous with enough time, we can do a combination of two or three tours.  Whatever our itinerary, I'll be sure to bring you back safe and sound so you don't miss the boat.

Lantau Tour

I have lived on Lantau Island for the past 16 years and it is a wonderful part of Hong Kong. Depending on the length of your tour, we can take a ride on the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, visit the Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, step back into yesteryear with a walk around Tai O Fishing Village and, for the early risers, have an authentic Dim Sum breakfast.  Oh and don't forget lunch or dinner right on the beach.



Make the most of your transit time. My Private Tours are perfect for those in Hong Kong for a minimum layover of 5 hours. I will pick you up at the airport, take you into Hong Kong for a day or night tour or, if you arrive before 1pm, we can do a Lantau Tour (Lantau has some great hiking trails and we can go on a hike if you want to blow the cobwebs off after a long flight, in addition Lantau has also some superb beaches to unwind on and recharge your batteries).  Whatever our itinerary I'll get you back to the airport in good time to make your onward flight.


This tour is perfect for children of all ages. Being a parent I am well versed in interacting with children, Hong Kong is brilliant for kids and has attractions like Disneyland and Ocean Park but for those who want to see the real Hong Kong for a day or two. I can promise a fabulous, child-friendly, tour of Kong Kong. Kids in full time education, accompanied by their parents, TOUR FOR FREE.