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Cheung Chau Island Tour

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Enjoy the Beach & Delicious Food on Cheung Chau Island

See the island of Cheung Chau and its wealth of great food and incredible beaches. Explore the island at your leisure with your wonderful English guide. 

Start your journey with a sampan boat ride as you ferry to Cheung Chau. Continue on bike, pedaling to the locally-famous Cheung Po Tsai Caves. The next stop on your journey is the beach, where you can grab a snack or drink at a beach bar. There, you can watch the windsurfers and even discover a monument dedicated to the sport.

From the beach, you encounter the Cheung Chau Bun Festival site, where fascinating bun-related competitions run rampant. Afterwards, grab a seafood meal on the promenade before taking the ferry back to Hong Kong proper.

Back from your day on the island, you can see the Symphony of Light Show and Temple Street Night Market.

Book your Cheung Chau Island experience today! 

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